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Gucci Eyeglasses For Men

Gucci men eyeglasses

Sophistication and elegance are two words that cross everybody’s mind when they hear Gucci. The same words are used to describe men who wear Gucci. The class and style reflected by Gucci products are also seen in the eyeglasses collection.

Gucci knows that men need strong, durable eyeglasses that are stylish and comfortable. The company understands that quality is something that all their male customers expect so the eyeglasses selection is made only from high quality materials.

There are two different plastic frames you can choose from in Gucci’s selection: Acetate frames and injection molded frames.

Acetate is the most common plastic material used to produce eyeglasses frames but the Acetate used by Gucci contains more natural fibers than usual to guarantee a great natural feel while being lightweight, flexible and durable.

If flexibility is what you are looking for, the injection molded frames are perfect for you! The technique used to produce these frames involve liquefying plastic then placing it into a mold and letting it there until it solidifies. The frames built using this process can be bent without producing damage.

For those who prefer strength and durability over extra-flexibility, metal frames are also available. Nickel-free stainless steel provides you with some rust resistance, lightweight and durable frames. But we cannot say Gucci without constant reinvention, therefore ruthenium frames are also available. Highly resistant to scratching and abrasion, this metal is non-corrosion, strong and durable to keep your eyeglasses in a perfect form for a very long period of time.

To keep things interesting, some frames have rubber temples for extra comfort and extra lightweight eyeglasses.

The shapes included in this Gucci selection for men feature masculine rectangle, square and clubmaster frames in full rim, rimless and semi-rimless. The color combinations available can suit every style from casual to business.

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