Gucci Eyeglass Frames

Cheap Gucci Eyeglasses frames

Cheap Gucci Eyeglasses frames

There have been a lot of stories counseling Americans not to buy eyeglasses from their local eye doctor. This is not only bad from a personal health perspective but also from a personal finance perspective. Here are some facts that everyone needs to know before choosing their specs. 1) Retail is NOT…
Older brother ofer baazov and a childhood friend

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Cheap Cute Sunglasses

Cheap Cute Sunglasses

You lather sunscreen on your toddler, pop on a hat and head out for an hour of fun. Did you remember the sunglasses? The sun can cause sunburned corneas, cancer of the eyelid, cataracts, and macular degeneration, among other problems. If your family loves to be out in the sun, at the beach or on the ski slope, sunglasses become an essential part of your day. Kids eyes are…

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Gucci plastic frames

Gucci plastic frames

Italian style at its very best… Italian quality, good looks and a striking elegance gives the Gucci eyewear range iconic status, matching its high-end level in the market today. Durability when it comes to its eyewear collection combines with its reputation for cutting edge fashion pushing it always one step ahead of the rest. Sassy tortoiseshells, large over-sized frames…

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