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Oakley mens new arrivals, 2016 oakley campaign
Introducing the 2016 Oakley Campaign: New Sunglasses and Glasses for Men and Women

With a new year, comes a new Oakley campaign. The mad scientist at Oakley launched a number of new men and women sunglasses and eyeglasses, both active and lifestyle. This line of new Oakley products has reached a whole new level of fit, function and style, featuring unbeatable technologies and unsurpassed designs. Oakley never ceases to amaze us with their ever-evolving eyewear collection, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our favorite 2016 Oakley sunglasses and Oakley glasses with you.

Top Picks from Men’s Oakley New Arrivals

The Oakley Stringer has become one of our new favorite men’s lifestyle sunglasses for more reasons than one. These Oakley sunglasses offer a real clean, classic, lightweight fit, with rounded lenses for a bit of texture to add to this classy look. Oakley hit the nail on the head with a one size fits most in these sunglasses. Not only do they feature a true global fit, complimenting most faces, but they also work well with just about any prescription. If you’re looking for a pair of shades with clean lines and a classy look, you can’t go wrong with the Oakley Stringer sunglasses or Rx sunglasses.

Oakley Stringer Frame Features:

- O-Matter frame w/ Three-Point, Global fit
- Integrated Hinge
- Rounded lenses for a classic lifestyle look
- Metal Icon Accents
- 4 Base, flat frame - Highly Rx-able

The new Oakley Mainlink sunglasses are a great choice if you’re looking for a men’s active frame, that can also double as a lifestyle frame. Inspired by the every-so-popular Oakley Crosslink, the Mainlink features the same great aesthetics with a bit of a taller lens design. These Oakley mens sunglasses deliver a versatile fit by combining performance-enhancing technologies with a stylized appeal.

Oakley Stringer Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Stringer Sunglasses, 2016 oakley campaignOakley Mainlink Features:

- Super lightweight, extremely durable O-Matter Frame
- Integrated Hinge
- Unobtainium ear socks and nose bombs provide a secure fit
- Three-Point Fit, ideal for helmet compatibility with exceptional comfort
- Medium to Large fit
- HD Polarized – Plutonite Lenses
- 6 Base - highly Rx-able

As an expansion from the Milestone collection, the Oakley Milestone 3.0 takes on a whole new level of a modern, cool, fun look. These men’s lifestyle prescription glasses slightly stray away from the traditional Oakley, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, a little standout-ish, and a frame that doesn’t compromise style, quality or function, Oakley’s Milestone 3.0 is the frame for you.

Oakley Milestone 3.0 Features:

- NanO-matter frame material that is 67% thinner & 3X stronger than acetate
- Integrated Hinge system
- Three-point fit provides unmatched comfort
- Extension of Milestone platform with thinner, lighter & stronger construction
- Unobtainium ear socks & O-matter nose pads
- Adjustable wire core temples for a customized fit
- Protective carrying case

The new Oakley Hyperlink is an exceptional choice for a men’s Rx frame with it’s lightweight build and dimensional sculpturing. Inspired by the famous prescription Crosslinks, these new Oakley eyeglasses support the up-and-coming look of tall, squared lenses. Whether you’re rocking these frames on the court or at the office, you can be sure to count on the Oakley Hyperlink for unmatched comfort, style and function.

Oakley Hyoerkink features:

Oakley Mainlink Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Mainlink Mens Sunglasses, 2016 oakley campaign- Lightweight, durable O Matter frame material
- Unobtainium earsocks provide an anti-slip grip
- Clear O Matter nosepads give extra durability and all day comfort
- Adjustable wire core temples provide a customized fit
- Protective carrying case

Top Picks from Women’s Oakley New Arrivals

Created for the active woman with a busy life, the Oakley She's Unstoppable perfectly bridges the gap between performance and style. These Oakley sunglasses combine Oakley's patented technologies that enhance sport-performance and comfort levels with aesthetically appealing designs to take women's sport sunglasses to a whole new level of versatility. If you're looking for a frame that can withstand your active lifestyle and uphold your style, look no further than the Oakley She's Unstoppable sunglasses.

Oakley She's Unstoppable Features:

- Lightweight and durable O Matter frame material
- Metal Hinge Pin
- 8 Base frame that provides a nice wrap for extra coverage
- Medium Size fit

Designed to fit petite faces and those with a mischievous side, the Oakley Moonlighter sunglasses have become a new favorite. A late 80s vibe melds with Oakley’s unbeatable optical technology to create the ultimate pair of fun and functional sunglasses. With Unobtanium nosepads that’ll ensure a secure fit during all your day’s activities, lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame material, and a three-point fit system, comfort expectations will be surpassed and style points will be elevated when wearing a pair of these Oakley women lifestyle sunglasses.

Oakley Moonlighter Features:

- Lightweight, durable O Matter frame material
- Integrated Cam hinge
- 4 Base Frame - highly Rx-able
- Retro Design for smaller face shapes

The Oakley Reversal glasses have made their way to the top of our Women’s Rx list with its unmatched style. The Oakley Reversal serves up an awesome round frame shape that is complimented with a unique twist of solid to fade color scheme. The subtle cat-eye, clean lines and exceptional color combinations are what ultimately gives the Oakley Reversal an edge on a classic frame design.

Oakley Reversal Features:

- Solid to fade color schemes inspired by all-time best seller Taunt
- Unique rounded teacup silhouette connects with round trend
- Light weight and durable Acetate frames
- Spring Hinges
- Three-point fit for added levels of comfort
- Adjustable wire core in temples provide a customized fit
- 4 Base - highly Rx-able

Whether you’re going for standout style with fun colors or looking to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with the Oakley Standpoint. These Oakley womens Rx glasses feature a strong, rounded frame and were made for the active woman’s busy life. Oakley Standpoint glasses feature superior frame materials including lightweight and durable acetate, spring hinges that offer maximized comfort and retention, and adjustable wire core in the temples for a customized fit. Compliment your active lifestyle with a pair of Oakley Standpoint prescription glasses.

Oakley Standpoint Features:

- Lightweight and durable acetate
- Size-Bridge-Temple: 52-16-136
- Spring Hinges that offer maximized comfort and retention

Oakley Milestone 3.0 Prescription Glasses, 2016 oakley campaign Oakley Hyperlink Prescription Glasses, Oakley Hyperlink Glasses, 2016 oakley campaign oakley womens new arrivals, 2016 oakley campaign Oakley Unstoppable Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley She's Unstoppable womens sunglasses, 2016 oakley campaign

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