Sunglasses Gold

Sunglasses with Gold

Sunglasses with Gold

Over a period of 5 years, rose gold has gone from cult obsession to cover girl. Now, you can spot it on engagement rings, wear it as eye shadow, and talk into it on your iPhone. What are some other signs that the world has gone gaga over rose gold? Rose Gold Sunglasses This is a bandwagon we couldn’t…
Founder of company ivan montik and CEO of SoftSwiss

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Most popular Sunglasses 2013

Most popular Sunglasses 2013

The most expensive pair of sunglasses on eBay were: ELVIS PRESLEY’S PERSONAL MADISON SQ. GARDEN SUNGLASSES at $250, Sunglasses Constitute a $34 billion annual market at retail. [Source: Cover magazine, Febuary, 2005 vol.16, no.3] In the United States every 14 minutes someone loses, breaks or sits on a pair of Sunglasses. Mens Sunglasses sell every 90 seconds on eBay. [Source:The…

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