Ladies Sunglasses

Ladies Prescription Sunglasses

Ladies Prescription Sunglasses

Although the main purpose of women s eyeglasses is to correct vision, we at know that ladies also want their women s eye glasses to express their personality, style, and fashion sense. With the large number of high-quality, ladies glasses, women s prescription eyeglasses can be transformed…
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Sunglasses Luxury

Sunglasses Luxury

Expensive, designer eyewear is a frivolity but a name brand pair of glasses are a pretty accessible status symbol. Excessively expensive eyewear is an indulgence very few of us can afford, however, with prices often inflated by factors like the material used, the design, the craftsmanship, the ability to transition from light to dark, scratch resistance, and more. Although…

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Girl with Sunglasses

Girl with Sunglasses

A guy spent an entire year texting a girl about his sunglasses that she ran off with in her bag. Alex was on a date with the girl, named Anna, and had asked her to hold his new, expensive sunglasses in her bag. But Anna did a runner when she went outside to make a phone call and never returned. Alex said that was fine, I wasn t that into her anyway. He continues: But what…

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Pink, Costa

Pink, Costa

Upon entering the bank, customers are ushered inside by a doorman in a gray suit and pink shirt. This greeter is the only man inside the Kristal bank in Plaza del Sol. The tellers, managers and other employees — also in gray suits and pink shirts — are all women. The walls are pink and white, and official business is carried out in cushioned swivel chairs at shiny white tables…

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Polarised Sunglasses for Women

Polarised Sunglasses for Women

Since 1950, Hobie has been providing fashionable and functional polarized sunglasses for women for work and play. Top athletes across the globe have come to rely on Hobie women’s polarized sunglasses for crisp clear vision that stands up to all types of outdoor environments. Sun Reader Collection – Style and function are united, as we’ve outfitted a few of our favorite frames…

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