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Prada Aviator Sunglasses Women

Your Prada Sunglasses Buying GuidePurchasing new or used Prada sunglasses can be an ideal way to look great while protecting one's vision from the sun. The brand makes products for men and women as a perfect accessory to wear for almost any occasion, and Prada women's sunglasses make great gifts for loved ones.

Features of Prada Sunglasses

Not only are they a fashionable addition to an ensemble, Prada sunglasses are engineered to protect the eyes and keep the skin safe from ultraviolet rays.

Ultra-Violet Protection

Prada sunglasses with UV protection are designed to reduce sun damage and eliminate the chance of cataracts. For a product to meet the recommended standards for protection, glasses must have at least 70 percent UVB protection and 60 percent UVA protection. Manufacturers usually apply a coating to the lenses as the glasses are made, and consumers can still enjoy access to a variety of different tints and gradients.

Polarized Lenses

Prada produces sunglasses designed for drivers and sports enthusiasts who are concerned about glare along the roadway. While shopping for sunglasses, a consumer who is concerned about the amount of light may be interested in the benefits of polarized Prada sunglasses. For those who enjoy water sports or skiing, polarization is a great way to reduce glare and improve vision.

Finding Durable Prada Sunglasses

Consumers who want a very durable pair of sunglasses may appreciate the features of Prada metal sunglasses. Metal frames add a certain amount of rigidity to the finished product. Prada women's aviator's sunglasses are commonly made with the material.

Finding the Right Fit

While shopping for Prada sunglasses, many people look for a design and style that is fitted to the contours of their face. The following table shows products that work best with the four main facial shapes. Shoppers who coordinate their style of sunglasses with their face shape can wear accessories that highlight their best features.

Round Face

Wraps, Wayfarers, Rectangular, Square

Oval Face

Cat's eyes, Pilot, Rectangular, Rimless

Square Face

Oval, Pilot, Round, Butterfly

Heart Face

Pilot, Semi-rimless, Round, Butterfly

Sizing Prada Sunglasses

Sunglasses are like most eyewear in that there is a standard set of measurements to ensure anyone can find the perfect fit. Sizing guides make it easier for shoppers to find the perfect product. Most eyewear has a code that consists of three numbers, like 62-10-40. The first number is the distance across one lens in millimeters. The second number is the distance between the lenses in millimeters, and the final number represents the length of the arm piece in millimeters.

Choosing a Lens Style

After finding the ideal size and shape, consumers may consider the different colored lenses and enhancements that are available. Mirrored Prada sunglasses may have an aviator or pilot style and help to filter bright light while hiding eyes. Reflective lenses are also available in a range of different colors, such as brown or gray.

Transition Lenses

Prada sunglasses that have transitional lenses may be clear along the bottom and fully tinted at the top of individual lenses. This feature may make it easier to make out finer details and can be a great choice for those who enjoy reading while relaxing on the beach.

Choosing the Right Lens Color

The choice of particular Prada sunglasses often depends on the features that a person wants to highlight in their appearance, and a sunglass buying guide contains comprehensive information about the different options that are available. Gray lenses are an ideal way to reduce light exposure without impacting vision. Brown or green lenses minimize color distortion, and black lenses are among the most common. Many shoppers choose to find a finished look that complements their clothing or highlights their eye or hair color. In addition, different colored lenses can be used to brighten the skin's appearance.

Finding Prada Sunglasses on eBay

To shop for Prada sunglasses on eBay, start on the eBay home page, click the Shop by Category heading, and then click See all categories. Next, scroll down to Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. Under Men's Accessories or Women's Accessories, shoppers can follow the link to the category for Sunglasses. From this screen, searches are easily narrowed down by identifying particular features like brand, price range, and condition of the item.

A purchase of Prada sunglasses may be complete with cleaning cloths and a sturdy carrying case. Such accessories can also easily be found on eBay.


As a brand that is renowned for quality and style, Prada sunglasses create a fashion statement while protecting vision and skin tone. With so many choices, consumers can easily find sunglasses that are suited to their tastes.

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