Gucci Women Sunglasses

Authentic Gucci Sunglasses

Authentic Gucci Sunglasses

Packaging: First of all, note that Gucci is one of the best luxurious brands in the market. Guccio Gucci ensured that Gucci doesn t produce faulty products and Gucci has maintained its accumulating calibre ever since. Good things come in good packaging and same goes for the fine sunglasses designed by…

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Gucci Wrap around Sunglasses

Gucci Wrap around Sunglasses

When I was a kid, my aunt had a pair of Gucci sunglasses that she probably wore for 10 years. They’re one of the few things I remember about her because we didn’t spend a whole lot of time together. I remember seeing the big “G” when I was learning the alphabet and thinking how strange it was to have a big letter on the side of her head. Now that I’m older I know what the G…

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Gucci Sunglasses Collection

Gucci Sunglasses Collection

Kering Eyewear and Gucci have begun the first global sales campaign for Gucci Eyewear. It marks the start of a new partnership for the product development, manufacturing and distribution of Gucci Eyewear. established a dedicated company for fashion and luxury eyewear in 2014 – Kering Eyewear. It has now begun to take orders for the January 2017 Gucci collection at events and…

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