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Oakley Womens Running Sunglasses

OakleyWith summer now here, a pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory when you’re out running, to protect your eyes and reduce glare. The WR team has been out testing them, so here is our pick of the five best…

Oakley EVZero Range Prizm Daily Polarized, £180

Price: £180
Tested by: Liz

This high-end pair of specs is incredibly light and flexible. The clarity of vision is where we really noticed the difference against some cheaper specs. The special Prizm lenses are designed to boost colour contrast, yet they still offer perfect visibility if it suddenly becomes overcast. Plus, they offer full UVA/B/C protection. These feel amazing while running – you could forget you were wearing them.Bloc They offer almost total coverage of peripheral vision, no distortion from the lens shape, and really bright, clear contrast and colours. Also, due to the special Unobtainium rubbery arm tips and the curved shape of the single-piece lens, they don’t slip at all, and there’s a different nose pad to put in to alter the fit if you need to.

Bloc Titan XR630 4 Lens System

Price: £60
Tested by: Claire

These fit snugly and are very lightweight, so they’re perfect for running, or any other outdoor adventure! The nose pad is also adjustable, so you can ensure a good fit. Plus the nose pad and the arms feel nice and ‘grippy’, making them great for sports. We were a fan of the red-mirrored lenses and sporty style, and they provided perfect vision in both sunshine and shade while out running.

dhbDHB Triple Lens Sunglasses

Price: £19.99
Tested by: Cristina

These provide a great fit and, while they are perhaps not as great quality as some of the other, pricier models, they do provide 100% UV protection, which is vital for outdoor activities in the sun. The lenses are changeable and come in blue, pink or black, so you can switch your look according to your running kit, although our tester did find it difficult to swap the lenses over. However, they were comfortable and lightweight to run in, and the rubber nose piece ensures a perfect fit.

Nike Max Transitions

NikePrice: from £176
Tested by: Olivia

Our first impressions were that these are pretty flashy, but they have a professional feel. They were a really good fit, lightweight and comfortable on the nose bridge, and they did not move at all while our tester was out running in them. They are a good sturdy quality – flexible but tough – so they would be unlikely to break if they did happen to fall off. The nose bridge also has grooves, to prevent sweat build-up around the nose and sits comfortably. The lenses also have a slight tint, so they don’t darken your vision on trail runs.

Aspex Stealths

Price: £45
Tested by: Lisa

They are incredibly lightweight, with an adjustable nose-piece for a customised fit and three interchangeable lenses: mirrored, plain and yellow. The lenses are optical quality, shatterproof PC safety lenses that are 30 times stronger than glass. Our tester forgot she was wearing them while out running as they were so comfortable.

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