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I’ll admit, when I first heard about blue light blocking glasses, I thought they were a crock. Then I was able to try a pair and found out that they’re kind of magical.

After just a few nights of wearing Swannies—Spoiler Alert: you’ll look a bit silly wearing them—I noticed that my eyes were less strained and it was much easier to get them to relax. Of course, I could just not look at my phone or iPad in bed, but I mean…no.

Here’s how they work. The orange lenses are designed for the purpose of blocking the blue light emitted by electronics. So you can still see clearly at any time of the day or night—though with a slight tint—but without all of the artificial light. You know that strain that your eyes feel after you stare at electronics for awhile? That is from the blue light, which is on the shorter end of the light spectrum. To block this out and get more of the dark end of the light spectrum (which helps you create melatonin) you slip on the blue light blocking glasses at least an hour before you go to sleep to help your eye rest.

The first night I used them I actually noticed a difference, if not in how quickly I fell asleep, in how my eyes weren’t still active once I closed them. There are nights I have a hard time just closing my eyes because I feel my eyeballs moving around—it feels as gross as it sounds—but after just a few wears, I notice my eyes are must more rested when its time to close them for some shut eye.

I usually put them on about 2-3 hours before bed, when reading books on my iPad or catching up on shows, and find I am squinting less the next day when staring at the computer. And? I am able to focus more in the morning because it was easier to fall—and stay—asleep.

The verdict? For me, they work!

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What is the difference between anti-glare and anti-reflective coating for glasses? Which one is better for a person using the computer for greater than 8 hours a day? - Quora

Some thing. Anti reflective is correct name. Anti glare is more simple trade version. Neither is reduce glare as such, only reflections created by lens itself. Most of the public unaware that any lens create a lot of reflections and ghost images within. They tiresome and always very irritating. Coatings minimize this problem for wearer.Therefore they help if you have to wear spectacles for vision correction to roughly make it feel not worse than perfect eye without glasses. To get them in order to reduce any outside glare is a folly and dirty sales technic. Scare and sell works pretty w…

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