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GG 4263SThe women’s models feature distinctive signature motifs, while the men’s eyewear offers a retro yet modern look


Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 eyewear collection for women introduces new sunglasses and optical frames dedicated to a contemporary and sensual woman. The styles are embellished with new versions of the brand’s distinctive signature motifs, interpreted with innovative finishes that reflect the tradition of excellence and the flawless savoir-faire of Gucci.

Mod. GG4263/S and GG3717

These geometric butterfly-shaped sunglasses and optical frames feature an innovative combination of materials on the temples, externally covered in a diamond pattern fabric, a signature texture from the heart of Gucci’s archive. The inside of the temples presents a comfortable soft-to-the-touch rubber material, for a pleasant feeling, embellished by the GG interlocking metal logo. The metal front of the sunglasses is enhanced by a refined interplay of tone-on-tone colours, such as dark ruthenium/black, gold/black, light gold/chocolate, red gold/ivory, while the optical Optyl frames comes in the elegant tones of transparent violet, opal grey, black and Havana.

Mod. GG3710/S

Designed with a blend of geometric lines, these women’s sunglass styles echoes Gucci’s elegance and exquisite details, for a strong yet feminine statement. The frame is in Optyl, a registered trademark for an ultra-lightweight plastic material allowing for dramatic contrasts between the black front and the lenses in grey, gold mirror, blue and red flash. New transparent temples, with shaded metal cores, complete these strong yet feminine sunglasses.


Mod. GG3719

The sophisticated cat eye frame of this optical frames conveys a refined allure, defined by the interplay of metal and acetate on the sides, as a new interpretation of the classic Gucci web motif. The colour palette includes black/gold, Havana/brown, mauve/gold, ivory/beige, blue/matte blue, semi-matte black.


The Gucci eyewear collection for men features a classic yet modern look: the new sunglasses and optical frames are inspired by a combination of retro feeling and impeccable craftsmanship, subtly interpreted with an elegant spirit.

Mod. GG2256/S, GG1082/S, GG1073

These sunglasses and optical frames – in metal or in acetate and metal – feature linear shapes defining the silhouette with sharp precision and new proportions in the men’s eyewear segment. The round shapes draw inspiration from the sensual retro feeling of the Fall/Winter Fashion Show, enhanced by the flat design and the ultra-slim metal temples, and by the original plastic oval-shaped end-tips, with the GG logo visible inside, for a distinctive touch and a comfortable feeling. The flawless quality of the sunglasses is completed by adjustable nose-pads, allowing a perfect fitting, and mineral glass lenses, ensuring the highest quality of vision.

GG3710/S GG 1082S

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I have a rare pair of aviator ray bans that my grandpa gave me these are worth about $2500 because of 18k gold and they are vintage. I need to get a new compresser in my car and it is about a grand I was wondering if the pawn shop would be able to give me this amount as a loan for these rare sunglasses. I was also wondering if I apply for the loan do I pay the interest on the spot . I plan on getting these glasses back . Because my grandpa gave them to me they have great value to me. Thanks for the help

I have a rare pair of aviator ray bans that my grandpa gave me these are worth about $2500 because of 18k gold and they are vintage. I need to get a new compresser in my car and it is about a grand I was wondering if the pawn shop would be able to give me this amount as a loan for these rare sunglasses. I was also...

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