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Barneys New York Warehouse

Come for the handbags, as there are loads of statement purses in bold colors and unique shapes that look like they were plucked directly from a NYFW street style slideshow. A Dragon Girl-colored Fendi purse for $629 (no original price tag), pink Rochas crossbody ($849, originally $1700) and a wall of 3.1 Phillip Lim Boston Satchels in sherbet tones ($519, originally $950) make for a colorful selection. There's plenty of Marc by Marc Jacobs stock too, but the discounts are pathetic—one laptop case was a mere $9 off. WTF!

When it comes to clothes and shoes, be prepared to hunt and gather like our ancestors, only for Alaia statement heels in lieu of corn. Oddly enough, the smallest of each shoe size is on the rack, so peruse the whole display instead of your size. Office-appropriate Manolos ($349, originally $935), Balenciaga's take on Tevas ($279, originally $705) and Acne sandals ($219, originally $550) were standouts, but don't forget to look up—there were some high-end handbag gems in this section, like a half-off Proenza bowling bag.

There's a certain randomness plaguing the RTW section, with the New Arrivals racks up front jammed with good designers (Marni, Dries Van Noten), but no pieces worth writing home about. The majority are mid-length skirts and boring knits at meh discounts—clearly, this is the stuff no one wanted—but the outerwear was at 30% off, a word-of-mouth sale worth double checking about upon arrival.

width=Discount: Good not great. (Ask about promotions—outerwear was silently 30% off.)

Bottom line: If you're looking for a statement handbag or an expensive yet delightful shoe, stop by. But, be prepared to give everything a once-over.


No funny business happening here: everything is straight 50% off. Only problem is, they somehow found a way to make half-off unexciting. The boutique is packed with tons and tons of merchandise - including plenty of resort—but odds are you won't find something special or out-of-the-ordinary.

Springtime skirts ($430, originally $860), patterned floral tops ($820, originally $1640) and bold jumpers ($770, originally $1540) line the racks, with a decent assortment of Birkenstock-inspired footwear and oxford heels ($395, originally $790) in the shoe section. The majority of the stock is more professional than night-on-the-town, and the discount isn't exciting enough to balance out the still-sort-of-high prices. Worth a stop, but definitely leave it for the end of the day.

Discount: 50% off.

width=Bottom line: Stop by if you're a Marni fanatic...or need a break from the cold.

Reed Krakoff

If your sister is getting married or you're starting to dress for a promotion, be sure to swing by, since the prices are high, but so is the discount: 70% off original price store-wide. The sale is extended from President's Day, so it could end any time soon—and, even worse, wasn't mentioned to me until I'd spent more than ten minutes inside, so be sure to double check. Matchy-matchy printed sweater ($237, marked $555, originally $1790) and skirt sets ($567, marked $1325, originally $1890) were standouts on the monochromatic racks, along with layered formal dresses ($537, marked $1255, originally $1790) and drop-dead beaded numbers ($1497, marked $3495, originally $4990). Purses and wallets were supremely seasonal, almost to a fault. Everything errs on the side of conservative, but there are tons of spring wardrobe options if you're willing to splurge.

Discount: 70% off storewide (silent, no signage), but items are still pretty pricey for what they are.

Bottom line: Worth it if the sale is still on. Head to the back for short-length formal dresses (the highlight of the store's black-and-white stock)otherwise high-tail it out of there.


Stopping by Prada is a lot like going to Las Vegas: odds are you won't walk away a big winner, but hey, it's worth a shot. There were purses on purses with skittles-colored wallets in displays, all at 40% off (the store's standard). The few racks of tops, bottoms and party-ready womenswear contained of lots of respectable Prada options like sweaters ($240) and skirts ($720, originally $2090) with some solid Miu Miu finds sprinkled in. ($440 is a debatably respectable price tag for looking like an Alexa Chung clone in a silk Peter Pan shift dress.)

The back room was full of mostly church shoes - shiny patent leather mary janes and flats, and other non-descript neutrals—but keep an eye out for the teeny-tiny sale rack with discounts of 70-something percent off. Translation? Silver Miu Miu pumps for $150 and glittery Prada kitten heels for $115. (Game on!) The styles are limited and the sizes even more so, but it's worth it to take your chances, just like Vegas.

Discount: Varies by product.

Bottom line: Head straight to the back and check out the first set of shoes on the left for massive final discounts.

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