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Gadget Guru Review: Costa Del Mar 580 Lens -

One of the biggest sunglasses brands in the Southeast (they're from Florida), Costa Del Mar has partnered with Eastern Mountain Sports to grow their business in the Northeast, and after looking at the world through their "580 Lenses", it became clear (see what I did there?) that this was another area where EMS would lead the way in providing exceptional optics for adventurers with eyes.

"What makes these so special?" you ask. Great question. In order to answer that, it's important to understand what the numbers mean.

Costa (that's my pet name for them) classifies their lenses in two categories: 400 & 580. The number represents the wavelength of light in nanometers (nm). So if the next question is, "what?" I won't make fun of you for being confused (to your face, at least).

So here's the rundown...

First: nanometers (nm) equals (=) 1 millionth of a millimeter (mm). That's literally smaller than small. So while you think you can't see something that small, think again, because that's how small light is, which allows you to see. It's a conundrum that is the foundation for sight.

visible.gifLight is one of many types of electromagnetic waves, including: radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma. As these rays increase in frequency (?), their wavelength (?) gets smaller and vice versa. The visible light spectrum is between 400 nm & 700 nm, with each color at a different wave length/frequency. Before 400 nm is ultraviolet light. After 700 nm is infrared light.

Here are some pictures to help that make more sense:

Notice in the colorful picture that 400nm is the border between visible and ultraviolet (UV) light. For Costa glasses, this translates to mean that the 400 series lens from Costa is calibrated to filter out all UV light (A, B and C, the latter which does exist, but minimally). Also notice that just before 600nm is a brief yellow patch. That is actually hovering around 580nm. The lenses in the 580 series are reducing the light in the yellow spectrum, while also enhancing red, green & blue, colors that take up most of that visible light spectrum.

If you were the type of person to ask a lot of questions (like a child, for example), this would be a good time to ask "why?"

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