Sunglasses oakley clear frame

Oakley Clear Frame Sunglasses

M Frame®

We were answering the performance demands of professional athletes when another group came calling: the industrialized world. It’s no secret that Oakley protection technologies have been embraced by soldiers, SWAT team members and others who take their view of the world seriously. From heavy industry to home repair, workers wanted that same level of protection, so we created the Industrial M Frame. Tested and qualified as true safety glasses, this lens/frame combination meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for clarity and impact resistance, as well as the protection criteria of Canada’s CSA Z94.3-02 standards.

For the high-mass impact test of ANSI Z87.1, a 5-inch metal spike (17.6 ounces – more than a pound of weight) is dropped on the lens from a height of more than four feet. To pass the test, absolutely no frame parts or lens fragments that could contact the eye may be ejected during impact. For high-velocity impact testing, a quarter-inch steel shot is blasted from a pneumatic cannon to hit the lens at 102 mph. Lenses are shot from various angles. To pass the test, no contact between the lens and eye is permitted, and absolutely no frame parts or lens fragments that could contact the eye may be ejected during impact.

This level of protection is made possible by proprietary geometries and materials. Oakley’s patented technologies maintain optical clarity with lens contours that enhance side protection from sun, wind and impact. Stress-resistant O Matter® frame material is engineered with a critical degree of flexibility to absorb impact. Plutonite® lens material is impact resistant and offers added protection by filtering out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. The UV protection is built into the lens material – it is not a surface coating that can wear away – so even our Clear lens offers the full level of UV filtering.

Safety isn’t limited to impact protection and UV filtering. Sometimes, the most important thing in avoiding hazards is spotting them in the first place, so this eyewear utilizes High Definition Optics® (HDO®). HDO® is a collection of patented technologies that allow the Industrial M Frame to surpass ANSI Z87.1 optical standards including tests for Clarity (by maintaining visual sharpness at greater viewing distances), Refractive Power (by minimizing the affects of a common optical aberration that causes inferior lenses to magnify images like prescription lenses), and Prismatic Power (by minimizing the affects of a common optical aberration that causes inferior lenses to bend light, a weakness that makes objects appear shifted from their true position).

All these benefits come in a lightweight design that offers all-day comfort. Oakley’s Three-Point Fit holds the lens in precise optical alignment while Unobtainium® frame components increase grip with perspiration.

Multiple lens options are available. Choose the Clear lens for very low light and indoor use. The Yellow lens is engineered for very low light, and it boosts color contrast to enhance depth perception. Our Persimmon lens color is formulated for enhanced depth perception in low light. The Grey lens optimizes your ability to discern color differences in medium to bright light.

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What is the difference between anti-glare and anti-reflective coating for glasses? Which one is better for a person using the computer for greater than 8 hours a day? - Quora

Some thing. Anti reflective is correct name. Anti glare is more simple trade version. Neither is reduce glare as such, only reflections created by lens itself. Most of the public unaware that any lens create a lot of reflections and ghost images within. They tiresome and always very irritating. Coatings minimize this problem for wearer.Therefore they help if you have to wear spectacles for vision correction to roughly make it feel not worse than perfect eye without glasses. To get them in order to reduce any outside glare is a folly and dirty sales technic. Scare and sell works pretty w…

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