Ray ban 3025 aviator 001 58

Ray Ban 3025 Aviator 001 58

Watch VideoBrand: Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Product Type: Sunglasses, Frame Type: Full Rim Sunglasses, Frame Shape: Aviator, Gender: Men & Women

Taking us back to when it all started, this pair of Ray-Bans has class incorporated in every feature of their exclusive Aviators for both men and women. Aviators have spanned the world of fashion, be it adding finesse to a pilot’s uniform or giving your funky outfit that oomph factor. It embodies a perfect blend of hi-tech design, lenses and material. It translates an early 1937 innovation into a very contemporary look for all Ray-Ban wearers.

  • The gold rim highlights the classic origins of the pair.
  • The green lenses are known to block infra red rays so it protects you against glare, ultraviolet and infra red radiations.
  • Besides being extremely useful, it is a style statement in itself. It has been a favourite of your favourite celebs whether it is Brad Pitt or Shah Rukh Khan or for all you football fans- your favourite Wayne Rooney. They all swear by Aviators and specifically the Ray-Ban RB3205 Golden Green Polarized Sunglasses.

This metal framed classic completes any look.

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Available in a wide range of colours to compliment your skin tone.
  • Light and comfortable and come complete with original manufacturers case, cloth and booklet/authenticity card when applicable.

What is extremely unique about this pair of sunglasses is that it remains true to its classic heritage and at the same time evolves to compliment any look, both casual and professional.

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