RAY-BAN Gunmetal RB3025 55

Ray Ban Gunmetal Sunglasses

Rated 5 out of 5 by xmansmommy Love them! My husband bought these (green/gunmetal) for me in summer 2011, and I loved them! I have a tiny head so bending over made them drop a million times, but the lenses never scratched. A few weeks ago they fell on a "sweet" spot -on a cement floor, no less- and the left lens finally shattered. Bought a pair of aviators to replace them and while they're nice, I'm really missing my Warriors right now. I'm embarking on a mission today to get that lens replaced! 05/08/14

Rated 5 out of 5 by mbason Great fit and finish. I purchased these (twice, the first pair was put to rest after a tragic siting accident) and have not had any regrets in my purchase. I primary wanted something for driving and these fit that bill perfectly and look good enough to wear around as well. 03/18/14

Rated 5 out of 5 by axunjaxun Great Frames I love Ray Bans, and these are no exceptions. I bought the yellow lens a year ago and my wife stole them, so I broke down and bought another set. This time I bought the polarized frames. I think the yellow are better, but if you like the darker lens then go for the polarized ones. They look good too because they aren't large mirrored lenses. It's nice to wear aviators and not to look like an extra from "Super Troopers." 10/05/13

Rated 1 out of 5 by AbsMD Poor quality I bought these sunglasses for the brand and the style from the store. Having a small face for a man it's hard to find sunglasses that are stylish but not look ridiculously large on my face but these shades did the trick. I absolutely loved the shape and style of these shades. Actually preferred the same style with brown gradient as it looked even better on my face (the gradient is perfect for someone with a small face and a tanned/brown complexion) but unfortunately that one does not come in polarized so decided to go with the green one. From the very first day I noticed that any shiny object (eg cars) in my temporal vision would appear purplish. I've owned polarized shades before and never noticed this problem. Also when I would wear these shades for long their weight would start to bug me and eventually give me a headache. The frame felt a little loose from the very first day but the heavy weight would made sure that the glasses stayed in place. Despite all these issues I decided to keep these shades as it is so hard for me to find a stylish pair of sunglasses that also look good on me. That said the next issue changed my mind. I keep my shades in my car (since I use them the most while driving) and before even the end of the month I noticed that the polaroid film was just beginning to separate from the lens at the rim in both lenses (not enough for it to peel off but definitely noticeable). See pics attached with this review. Not sure if this was from the heat in the car but this is definitely not something I would expect from such an expensive brand. I've never faced this problem on keeping countless cheaper brands (like Fossil or even unbranded shades) in my car. Needless to say I'm quite disappointed and will be returning these shades. 07/26/13

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