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After the endless rain this week, I decided that Hannah needs her first raincoat. I really love this one, but the idea of spending so much on a child’s clothing gives me pause. Before I had a kid, I used to fantasize about my child wearing the most fashionable clothes. Then I witnessed the horrors my child manages to inflict on her clothing before I can even get her downstairs for breakfast. After witnessing her blatant lack of sartorial respect, Hannah wears basic Gap and Target tshirts and leggings on the regular. This week I was randomly perusing Halloween treat recipes […]

I am not as obsessed with Fall as most people. It is a fine season, and it’s a helluva lot better than winter. But summer will always have my heart. However, I do love plaid shirts. So I am excited to dust off my plaid collection as the weather gets cooler. Shoes: New Balance | Jeans: Gap | Shirt: Humble Chic c/o | Earrings: Humble Chic c/o

What happens when you get a new dress, but you accidentally put it in the dryer and it shrinks really badly? You wear it as a top, of course! May I present, the ruffle remix. Also, I was really into the arm crossing thing in this post. I may have overdone it a bit, but life is all about learning your best angles. Oprah said that. Dress: Romwe (c/o) | Skirt: very old from Zara but I LOVE this for the holidays.

I would like this sweater, please. It is ruffly fantastic-ness. Will Hannah fully walking, I am a bit of a nervous wreck. She is soooo darn cute toddling around, but she is always hurting herself. Since I can’t wrap her up in saran wrap, I have been doubling my childproofing efforts. I also say a lot of ‘you’re okay!’ when she does take a tumble. If I didn’t that kid would be crying all day! I can’t wait to try out some yummy fall recipes. How good does this look? In sad news, Mode Media, a blogging network I’ve been working with for months, went […]

This is a great time of year because it is still summer but it is a touch cooler so you can get away with mixing fall and summer clothes. Sadly, this weather only lasts for a few months before it gets downright cold and the crop tops need to go away until next summer! Pants: J.Crew (old, but love these) |Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique | Sunglasses: Amazon

Hi Freyunds! I am back from me and Hannah’s trip. It was amazing and we had so much fun. Except — Hannah cried the entire time on the plane. You know those mothers you hate who trap you on a stuffy plane with a screaming child? I was one of those mothers. You’re welcome, American Airlines passengers. I am laughing about it now, but it was really terrible in the moment, guys. I thought I was going to start crying too from panic and embarrassment. It was incredibly loud and extremely close. I also know she will do it again the next time […]

Hi freyunds! Hannah and I are gearing up to go on our first trip — just the two of us. So guys, I need a few days to prepare for this. Also, I want to only pack one bag. Packing a single bag is challenging with just me. I am not sure how I will do it with all the baby gear. I am determined, though. With that said, I am taking a few days off to mentally and physically prepare myself for taking my sweet and crazy baby on a plane with no other adult help. So I will see you next […]

Guess what? No one really knows why we can’t wear white after Labor Day. Like most ‘fashion rules’, this limitation seems to be entirely made up. So keep wearing your white clothes if you want. Skirt: H&M (very old, this is beautiful) | Shirt: J. Crew | Necklace: I think H&M, this is pretty

I told myself I wouldn’t hop on the off the shoulder bandwagon. That didn’t go as planned. This trend is sooo cute. I’m so happy I didn’t skip it. Also if you look really closely at the second photo below you can see Matt and little Hannah in my sunglasses. LOL, the things they do for this blog. Shoes: Banana Republic (c/o) | Jeans: Banana Republic (c/0) | Top: Make Me Chic (c/o)

I need to find an affordable version of this sweater. Preferably one with three quarter sleeves. I get annoyed by short sleeved sweaters. You guys, Hannah’s hair is getting so thick and beautiful and curly. But she refuses to let me put a bow in it. Not even a tiny little clip bow! Actually, she refuses to let me style her hair in any way. I was able to put her hair in little curly pig tails for about a half hour the other week. It was a momentous day. But she soon discovered the hair ties and ripped them […]

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