Nike sunglasses for women

Nike Sunglasses for Women

The same styles, features, and benefits of Nike sunglasses appreciated by elite athletes on and off the field are now available in your prescription.

Key features*:

  • Superb optics
  • Authentic tint matching**
  • Interchangeable lenses on some styles for wear over contacts or just as an extra set
  • Nike-authorized prescription lenses made specially for your prescription
*Not available on all styles
**Tinted lenses may vary in color depending on your prescription.

The following Nike styles are available with authentic Nike prescription lenses. Please ask your VSP doctor for details and which style is best for your prescription.



Avid Rimless


Avid Wire








Forge Pro

Show X2

Forge Rimless



Skylon Ace







Impel Swift





Vintage MDL

View the latest sunglass styles.

Save on Nike Prescription Sunglasses Exclusive to VSP members: Save on Nike-authorized prescription sunglasses when you use your VSP benefit*.*Vary by plan and purchase selection; average savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP network doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. Ask your VSP doctor for details.

Nike Sunglasses

When you wear Nike sunglasses, you experience quality eyewear inspired by athletes and designed to enhance your performance in a variety of environments. Nike makes sport-specific eyewear, multi-sport eyewear, and sport-inspired eyewear for off the field.

  • Nike MAX OpticsTM: Precise visual information at all angles
  • 8 base sport wrap frame design: Maximizes coverage, minimizes interference
  • Lightweight design: Hyper-light durability
  • Adjustable rubber temples: For stability, comfort, and added grip
  • Cam action spring hinges: Snap firmly into place
  • Interchangeable lenses: Match any light condition
  • Adjustable ventilated nose bridge: Customized fit, improves comfort and reduces fogging
  • Partially entrapped design: Minimizes visual distortion

Nike Max Transitions performance sunwear is now available and delivers a high technology solution to the world of sports vision. These lenses adapt to varying athletic conditions and the changing light. Ask your VSP doctor if Nike Max Transitions is right for you.

*Not available on all styles

View the latest sunglass styles here.

Nike Sunglasses Selector

Use this guide to help you choose the Nike sunglasses (in prescription or non-prescription) perfect for your lifestyle. While all of these features would benefit you no matter your activity, we’ve highlighted those most important for your specific sport.

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