Girls in Ray bans

Mug iconThe 'Rayban Effect' works with particularly with the males of our species. It is the instance in when a guy looks super fine while wearing a pair of rayban wayfarers, and in the act of removing them considerably lessens his appearance and 'coolness' factor.

The rayban effect is a modern problem for girls on the prowl, it is becoming increasingly harder to differentiate between true babes and guys under the rayban effect.

These men come under two categories, as seen below; with the option of mid range rayban effect as well.

High rayban effect: Hot with glasses, not without.

Low rayban effect: Hotness is simply ENHANCED with raybans, guy is still hot without.

Girl on the prowl no.1: "oh look at that babe there, high or low rayban effect??"

Girl on the prowl no.2: "Hmm..Potentially high I suggest we try get a profile view, it always helps."

Guy with rayban effect turns to side (and/or) removes sunglasses.

Girls no.1 & no.2: "ohh dear, it's a high. lets move on."

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