Sunglasses mirrored lens

Sunglasses Mirrored Lens

  • Ensures clear view at all times
  • Provides comfort from sunrays.
  • Eliminates distortion of light no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Comparatively lowers eyestrain.
  • Increases visibility in bad weather and while fishing.
  • Eliminates reflections.

Polarized lenses are essential for those people who work under harsh sunlight or spend a lot of time over water due to the fact that these people experience the most glares and can face damaging effects from the sun’s rays as a result. Fishermen also prefer polarized glasses as these lenses increase visibility allowing one to see fish clearly in the sea, once all reflections and glares are eliminated.

Nowadays, all those people who live in countries with harsh summers wear sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce the eye strain.

ray ban mirrored orange frames

Another alternative to polarized lenses is a mirrored lens. This type of lens has a mirror coating on it. Like a regular mirror, mirrored coated lenses, reflect light away from the eyes of the wearer. However mirror coating can get uncomfortable for the companions of the person wearing these lenses, due to the fact that making eye contact is almost impossible in these glasses.

Mirrored glasses come in all colors such as pink, blue, green or grey, depending on the wearer’s preference as the color of the tint has no effect on the mirroring ability of the glasses. They are quite stylish and many people can be seen sporting these.

For someone whose profession involves a lot of work under the sun or out cruising the sea, polarized lenses is the way to go, however for others who require sunglasses for everyday use, mirrored lenses are a better option.

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