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Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses for Women Plus 11 Stylish ShadesUntil a few months ago I never realized the importance of wearing polarized sunglasses. I always opted for the $5 cheapies especially because the risk of losing sunglasses on long trips is pretty high. However, after spending four months in Asia earlier this year I realized that I was doing more damage to myself than was worth the savings of using disposable glasses.

How many of us actually stop to think about caring for our eyes the way we do for the rest of our bodies? Keep reading to find out the benefits of polarized sunglasses for women that travel plus my top eleven picks!

By the end of my time traveling through India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand my eyes felt absolutely scorched. The end of my trip was particularly grueling after three non-stop (and amazing) weeks diving in the Philippines.

Because I’m a scuba diver and beach lover, I spend much of my travels in the sea and the sun which means sun protection is essential. I have to be honest with you, this trip I was an absolute sun fail.

I was careless with my skincare routine and also eye care. My eyes got so dry, red, and irritated it became painful to be in the sun. Plus, the sun was super strong this time of year which didn’t help matters.

Someone explained the benefits of polarized sunglasses and I made it my goal to get a pair as soon as I got to Los Angeles. (They were twice the price in Thailand!)

  • Polarized sunglasses have unique treated lenses that block away the sun’s harmful rays.
  • In return, you see filtered light; reducing glare and boosting your comfort.
  • There’s less eyestrain, better image contrast, and you can see clearer on ground level and, surprisingly, water!

Having polarized sunglasses for women is absolutely essential if you’re a sun chaser like me. I now own two pairs: a pair of and the sea-friendly Tequila Sunrise by . (They’re amazing for divers and if you love to be on the water. Review coming soon!)

I spent much time researching these options and I thought I’d share with you the top eleven styles that were on my list. Have a look!

Tequila Sunrise

from Hammock and Palms are absolutely awesome! I’ve been wearing them all summer in LA. They feel more durable than aviators and they’re the perfect beach accessory. Even better – they have an affordable price tag. Yay! These will be joining me permanently on my long term travels!

Note: this is one of the pairs I own.

Scuba Sunnies

Whether you like to fish, dive, or sail – these are your new best friend. Not only does do they look good on the water, but they float too! They’re 100% bamboo which means that they’ll also float should you drop the in the sea. (That’s happened to me twice!) This from Hammock and Palms is TFG Approved.

My husband owns this pair and loves them!

Sapphire Sweetheart

The blue color from these makes me want to dress them up in the Caribbean or sail away in Greece. Wear them with a resort look for a splash of color: a flowing maxi dress and a pretty straw hat for that summer hang-over. No makeup required.

Charming Kitty

The classic cat eye from these will make you feel like a celebrity gliding into the streets of Paris. To complete the look, pair it with Audrey Hepburn inspired stripes and skirt, and recreate that lovely vintage flair like a romantic superstar.

Wanderlust Wonder

Are you a glamper? Perfect for the style-conscious adventurer is this pair from . Its sleek tortoise brown color is perfect for earthy adventures. Trek, hike, camp in style wearing your comfortable kicks but still look fabulous even without makeup.

Beautifully Blonde

For the golden haired, these are for you! Love the light color of these to bring out your lovely sun streaked hair. On that note, how about a Betty Cooper wardrobe from the original Archie Cast? A sweet bombshell with a casual flair–let’s say boyfriend jeans, heels and a loose shirt for an easy going look.

Stark Starter

For the monochrome lovers, white-gray combo may be the perfect choice! Best for norm core lovers, wear it with chunky basics and look androgynous while on your trip. Sit in a cafe and people watch in Paris.

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The size of sunglasses is measured in the lens size, across the lens horizontally in mm.
The Ray Ban Small Aviator, RB 3044 is a 52mm lens.

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Ray Ban aviators come 4 sizes, split across two models.
The size of sunglasses is measured in the lens size, across the lens horizontally in mm.
The Ray Ban Small Aviator, RB 3044 is a 52mm lens.

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