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A Woman s Guide to Buying Versace SunglassesWoman's Guide to Buying Versace Sunglasses
Versace is one of the leading names in fashion and accessories, and many women are eager to pick up a pair of these luxury designer sunglasses. Whether buyers are browsing for a pair to add to their collection, scooping up a pair to wear for a special vacation, or even buying a pair of Versace sunglasses as a gift for a friend, these tips make the process simpler.

All About Versace Sunglasses
The Versace company was founded in 1978 by brothers Gianni and Santo Versace. From the moment the company began selling products in Milan, Italy, it was known for its high-quality manufacturing and attention to luxurious detail. Initially, the Versace brand was focused on selling apparel, but the fashion house began offering accessories like sunglasses in the years following. Today, Versace sunglasses are considered by many to be quality eye-wear products perfect for stylish buyers.

Tips for Choosing a Pair of Versace Sunglasses
Versace sunglasses come in a range of styles and designs for all face shapes. Women's Versace sunglasses come in aviator, round, and oval frame shapes, just to name a few, and they boast a range of frame colors, embellishments, and even lens colors. Buyers should consider face shape, personal style, and their budget when choosing Versace sunglasses.

Decide Between New and Used Versace Sunglasses
Both new and pre-owned Versace sunglasses are readily available for sale. New Versace women's sunglasses will typically be more expensive, but they can be a great choice for those who want undamaged sunglasses or anyone who wants to give the sunglasses as a gift. Collectors may prefer used Versace sunglasses or vintage Versace sunglasses thanks to their greater range of styles and potentially lower prices.

Use Face Shape to Pick the Best Versace Sunglasses Frames
Those who plan to wear their Versace sunglasses after purchase should ensure that the pair they pick will flatter their face shape. Whether a shopper has an oval, circle, square, or heart-shaped face, it's easy to choose a pair that will be ideal for them.

Face Shape

Ideal Sunglass Frames

Round Face Shape

Best picks are angled pairs, rectangular pairs, and those with bright colors.

Oval Face Shape

Round frames and wrap-around frames tend to complement this versatile face shape.

Heart Face Shape

Cat-eye or round frames help elongate this shape.

Square Face Shape

Rounded frames that add softness and reduce sharpness are the best bet.

Pay Attention the UVB or UVA Ratings of Versace Sunglasses
If buyers are interested in wearing their Versace sunglasses decoratively, or if they are planning to add the pair to a collection, then the UVA and UVB ratings won't be as important. However, anyone planning to wear their new pair of Versace shades outside should check to make sure that they are not marked as merely "cosmetic." Shoppers should look for at least a 95 percent rating in both UVA blockage and UVB protection in order to protect their eyes from damaging sun rays when outdoors.

How to Spot Fake Versace Women's Sunglasses
Whether from a secondhand store, a street vendor, a garage sale, or online, there is a risk that any pair of Versace sunglasses are fake. In order to ensure that a pair is real, shoppers should be on the lookout for certain types of packing and identifying marks. If the pair is new, it should come in a retail box with Versace, in capital letters, printed on the packaging. If there is a visible tag or label, it should correspond to the model number or style shown in pictures. New and used Versace sunglasses should also have marks on the interior of the right frame arm that read "Versace" and "Made in Italy." New models made in the past decade also have the letters CE to prove authenticity. Sunglasses made by Versace in the past few years will also have numbers etched right onto the upper part of one lens. This is the serial number, and it should be unique.

Finding Versace Women's Sunglasses on eBay
Whether shoppers want to scoop up the perfect Versace Medusa sunglasses, bright and bold gold Versace sunglasses, or a pair of frames to wear to a special event, the main Sunglasses page on eBay is the ideal place to start browsing. Confident shoppers who know exactly what they want can also use the search bar to bring up exact matching items right away. With eBay's Buyer Protection Policy, shoppers can purchase with confidence knowing that all costs, including shipping, will be covered should there be a problem with an order.

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