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SPY Bellows Prescription Sunglasses, SPY Bellows featured in Black Gold with Happy Grey Green Lenses, new spy sunglassesSPY Wingate Features:

- SPY Happy Lens technology

- Handmade acetate and stainless steel materials

- Suitable for large faces

- Available in Happy Rx

Next up is our favorite mixed materials piece. SPY Bellows combines some thick plastic frame materials, with thin temples and a chunky metal nose bridge detail to deliver a unique vintage appeal. These new SPY sunglasses uphold retro style with squared lenses and a half-rim frame – the kind of style that looks stunning on both men and women.

SPY Bellows Sunglasses featured in Black/Gold with Happy Grey Green Lenses

SPY Stevie Prescription Glasses featured in Dark Tortoise, new spy glassesSPY Bellows Features:

- SPY Happy Lens and Trident polarization technology

- Handmade acetate

- Monel eye wiring and unique metal angular bridge

- Suitable fit for small to medium faces

Introducing our next favorite: The Stevie. These SPY glasses feature a classic square frame with slightly softer edges. The Stevie is constructed entirely of acetate, which caters to their bold look. This new pair of SPY glasses delivers a great look for many faces, both men and women, especially those who aren’t seeking out the over-sized trend. The SPY Stevie is truly a grade A frame for every occasion.

SPY Nelson Prescription Glasses featured in Matte Navy Dark Tort, new spy glasses SPY Stevie Prescription Glasses featured in Dark Tortoise

SPY Stevie Features:

- Acetate frame material

- Spring hinges

- Available in 3 unique style

This new pair of SPY glasses is impressive from all angles. The Nelson is a mixed material that works to deliver some really neat contrast. A stainless steel front and acetate temples delivers unique combination of textures and colors that’s unlike any other. If you want to add a bit of funkiness to your daily wardrobe, the SPY Nelson just might be your frame.

SPY Holden Prescription Glasses featured in Brushed Gunmetal Matte Greay Smoke, new spy glasses SPY Nelson Prescription Glasses featured in Matte Navy Dark Tort

SPY Nelson Features:

- A rectangular shape that compliments both men and women

- Stainless steel & acetate frame materials

- Available in 3 colorways

These guys are our new favorite small fit frame. They feature a clean, classic square appeal, but spice things up a bit with some unique details. The SPY Holden is fashioned from handmade acetate with a stainless steel top bar, slight temple fin, and spring hinges. Metal and acetate combo is what ultimately defines the unique look of this new SPY frame.

SPY Holden Prescription Glasses featured in Brushed Gunmetal Matte Greay Smoke

SPY Holden Features:

- Unisex design

- Stainless steel & acetate

After getting some hands on sneak peeks at some of our new favorite frames, we’re stoked the launch is live. If you’re loving any of these frames like we are, and you need them in prescription, you know where to find ‘em! Questions about the collection or SPY Optic in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team of opticians is here and happy to help, 7 days a week!

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The size of sunglasses is measured in the lens size, across the lens horizontally in mm.
The Ray Ban Small Aviator, RB 3044 is a 52mm lens.

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The size of sunglasses is measured in the lens size, across the lens horizontally in mm.
The Ray Ban Small Aviator, RB 3044 is a 52mm lens.

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